Vicious World (CONCEPT)


I have an idea for a custom world:
This world is essentially Skeeve’s Exile multiplied by 10. Still possible to survive, of course, but near-impossible
This is the hardest world I could possibly think of

Expert Custom 16x World
Seed: BotW is awesome (because it is)
Oceans: None
Temp: Very Cold
Rain: Very Dry
Plants: None
Trees: Gem trees only
Terrain: Mountain
Caves: None
Lakes: None
Skylands: Less (which means less trees)
Ore: Less
Ore Veins: Smaller
Gems: None
Treasure: None

Health: One Hit KO
Hunger: Hungrier
Happiness: Sadder
Clothing Decay: Faster
Tool Decay: Faster
Death: Die on Exit (Yeah That’s Right)
Death Drops: Everything
Max Blockheads: 1
Spawn Items:1 Torch, 1 Wheat, 1 Chest, 10 Wood, 10 Sticks, 1 Flax Seed, 1 Dodo Egg
NPC/MOB Difficulty: Hard
Trade Portals: Disabled
Trade Prices: Doesn’t Matter
Trade Portal Items: Doesn’t Matter
Day/Night Cycle: Faster
Sun Color: RGB(255,0,0) to create a blood moon effect
World Modification: No Rules
Pole Items: 1 only (read below)
Teleportation: Disabled
Meditation: Disabled

NO protection signs (except spawn)
NO Pole items can be used, they must be destroyed immediately.
NO additional portals
NO Gem Tools
NO Gold Beds

Think I should make it? And If I did, would you play it?
I tried this in a SP world and died in like 10 seconds

EDIT: RGB(255,0,0) doesn’t work since you can’t even see stuff, so it will be different
EDIT 2: Very dry makes it impossible to get anywhere, so that will be changed to be Very wet


I was thinking of that, actually, but I’m fine with it
Anything to help survive works I guess


The world has to be actually possible to survive in, you know.


Whats do die on exit means i mean when we will leave will we die
And the server theme is awesome ill sure play on it


Die on exit seems too extreme.


@BUILDITME1 if you leave the world all your blockheads die permanently and you have to respawn them


Then it will be cheating thought…lol


I wouldn’t play. Too hard and my frequent lag would make me crash and lose everything (die on exit).


The Die-on-Exit setting is something that I’d like to experiment with.
I do think it may even be possible to establish a permanent base and thrive on such worlds, but great care must be taken to put all important objects into chests or safes. And building close to spawn seems pretty essential unless you want to spend a LOT of TC.


I just came back from a break on blockheads and apparently there was a huge update with huge changes! That is great but I don’t know blockheads as well as I used to. From the spawn items you said is there any way to plant a tree?


Sorry for a VERY late response (does this count as thread bumping??)
Very true, if you forget to put things in a chest you lose them forever. This is especially important you keep wood safe, as there is NO way to plant a tree. I could also see people dying over and over to get more stuff, and I’m okay with that.
@Connor15 That’s right. There was a massive update a few months ago (1.7). For your question, nope. There is a finate amount of wood in the world (unless you count respawn duping)

For now, this will stay a concept, but I may look into it later.