Viewing the blockhead inventory for players

Viewing the Blockhead and inventory of players.

March 24 2018

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could choose what blockhead you would like to see of another player? Or see what the player in their inventory so that you know they stole or didn’t steal what you thought they did. Only the owner can do this since the owner is the manager of the server. You can see what the blockhead has in their inventory. But you can only see their inventory. You cannot take or give anything. Admins can still have this but they can’t see the inventory. That would be good since you don’t have to look for the blockhead and tap the picture multiple times.

As you can see you can choose wich blockhead you would like to zoom into. The highlighted blockhead is the blockhead that the user is currently using.

Disclaimer: I took permission from this guy (I didn’t hijack him or anything)

Busy blockheads while he is “Away”

Inventory viewing:

The thing in the middle is what he picked up recently and the highlighted item is what he is currently holding in his hand.

Pros: Easier way to know what someone is doing at all times. Easier way to manage.

Cons: You can pretty much become the government and the FBI man that watches you through your phone camera.

Credits |-|DAVEANIME|-| as actor, THEFOIL as TheFoil, STARLIGHT as “Fake” Owner, STARLIGHT SKYS 3 as stage, PHOTOSHOP was used to make this possible.


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Like the idea but I think there should be a command that you can do to give admins the power to look in inventory’s

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That would be convenient!

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I am completely against it.

  1. There will be no fun in survival servers if this is introduced.
  2. This will Interrupt a person’s privacy and trust.
  3. The person being searched cannot enjoy his/her freedom.
  4. Surprises will no longer be surprises.
  5. Many ways to bypass it by placing stuff in a chest or hiding the stuff in a server.


  1. We can check if a person have banned items.
  2. Admin/owner get additional powers.
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Maybe everyone could have the looking at individual blockheads feature and only admins could have the ability to look in people’s inventories?

Admins should only be able to see what the person is currently holding.


That is a good trick against false influencers whom aren’t factual.