VPN detector for the cloud network


You know what the cloud for blockheads needs? a fully functional VPN detector.

What it would do is search to see if you are running a vpn, though i understand this may be very hard to do. and once it catches a person using a VPN it doesn’t allow them onto the cloud no matter how many times they try.

At least to stop people from using VPNs and getting away from IP ban.


There are APIs you can tap to do this, but it would add to the overheads of the game, which we don’t want. It’s not really viable to write our own.


Not all VPNs are detectable though.


I don’t use vpns for malicious reasons, I use them for privacy.


They maintain dbs of the net blocks assigned to VPN proxy providers. They update constantly, and are pretty effective, from what I’ve read. Netblocks can be sub-leased, but they end up being found anyway.


I did create a messagebot extension to do this. I then decided to pull it because I think people should not be discriminated against if they are using a VPN.


i think i would like to use it, just so people can’t bypass bans.


Sorry, I deleted it. (iirc)


i know.


…So you can’t have it. It’s been deleted.