Vzzliox’s Challenges

In all or these challenges, gem pickaxes, portal chests, trade portals, and pole items are illegal once the challenge starts, but they can be used to prepare the challenge.

  1. Naked In The Arctic

Custom Settings: Very cold, mountainous, 4x size, large oceans, 1 max blockhead, and you spawn with 2 peppers and a steam generator.

Rules: no clothes benches, and the steam generator you spawn with is the only source of warmth you can have, besides the peppers. And you’re not allowed to move the steam generator once placed. You win once you circumnavigate the world.

Eating peppers is your only hope of surviving.

  1. Furry Assassins

Custom Settings: one hit kill, very cold, mountainous, more trees, no clothes decay, sun color is 0, 0, 0, and spawns with fur boots, leather pants, fur coat, and brimmed hat.

Rules: You’re not allowed to build a house.

The dropbears are a huge enemy in this challenge, hence the name.

  1. Underground Springs

Custom Settings: Ocean world, more caves, 1 max blockhead, and 4x size.

Rules: flood every cave in the world to win.

  1. Sky’s The Limit

Custom Settings: less sky islands, no trees, no plants, and spawns with 99 Jetpacks, 1 fruit, 1 pine cone, 1 flax seed, and 99 stone blocks.

Rules: You can only plant on the naturally generated dirt on sky islands. Once you found a sky island close to the ground, build a ladder up to the sky island using stone blocks, then discard of the stone blocks and the jetpacks.

  1. The Worst Tools

Custom Settings: more ore, 1 max blockhead, large veins, 4x size.

Rules: you’re not allowed to upgrade your tool bench, and you have to go around the world harvesting all the flint and crafting it into tools.

  1. Carbon Chaos

Custom Settings: less ore, 1 max blockhead, smaller veins, 16x smaller size.

Rules: no using flax and sunflower to make oil. All oil has to be mined. The end goal is to make 50 carbon fiber blocks.

  1. Bioluminescence

Custom Settings: ocean world, 1 max blockhead, and 4x size.

Rules: You win when you completely light every block of every ocean in the entire world using steel lanterns.

  1. The Sting

Custom Settings: hot, and hard enemies.

Rules: Prickly pears are the only food you can eat, and you can only harvest at night. You’re not allowed to have jetpacks, because they make harvesting prickly pears easier.

  1. The Permanent Crash

Custom Settings: none

Rules: the goal is to lag the world so bad that you can’t join. Platinum blocks, flywheels, huge ranches, and flowing water are a good way to lag.

  1. Carbo Load

Custom Settings: less lakes, no oceans, spawn with 5 wheat, 1 empty bucket, 5 bread, 1 flax seed, 1 yak fur, and 1 brick.

You can only eat bread, so you have to craft a level 2 craft bench, a campfire, a pizza oven, and find some water before your bread runs out.

  1. Pyromaniac

Custom Settings: hard health, hard enemies, more trees, and more plants.

Rules: no attacking or wearing armor. You have to set fire to trees to hurt enemies. But, if you aren’t careful, you could burn down an entire forest.

  1. Bad Plumbing

Custom Settings: spawn with 10 water buckets, and 10 steam generators.

Rules: You have to fill your base with water, and if you want to place a bench, you have to quickly remove water and place the bench. If you want to expand your base, you have to fill it with more water. The steam generators turn it into a hot tub, that way you don’t drown.

  1. Boss Fight

Custom Settings: less caves, 1 max blockhead, hard enemies, and hard health.

Rules: You can only attack using your hand, armor in not allowed, and you have to find and kill a cave troll in order to finish the challenge. You have to kill the cave troll head on; no drowning it, burning it, or hiding in a 1 block tall tunnel and attacking it.

  1. Garbage Dumping

Custom Settings: No drops upon death.

Rules: all items must be stored in shelves, no dropping items, no carrying around shelves with items in them, and no baskets.

  1. Two Games At Once

Custom Settings: anarchy multiplayer server.

Rules: You and another person both warp in two blockheads and build two bases very far apart, but close to the other person’s bases. Both of you will put a blockhead in each base. You win by killing just one of their blockheads, but either person could suddenly switch between blockheads. You’re not allowed to warp in more than two blockheads, or let your blockheads get within 100 blocks of each other.

  1. Difficult House

Custom Settings: 1 max blockhead, no plants, no trees, no sky islands, no oceans, no lakes, no meditating, start with 1 water bucket.

Rules: build a crafting room, a mineshaft, a farm, and a bedroom. You can only move between rooms once every sunrise.

Just don’t do it on a public server without the owners permission. :sweat_smile:



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