Wait a minute

this was probably caused by the water level being juuuuusst high enough to give the kelp life but who knows maybe it’s helium filled kelp. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, how would that even work? :question:

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How would floating kelp work otherwise. :frowning:

How do you put helium in kelp? :thinking:

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Maybe if the kelp has a layer between each side of the kelp leaf skin then you could stick a needle between the leaves of the kelp creating a small bubble. This amount of helium would not be able to lift the kelp :cry:
BUT!!! If you get some very hard to see fishing line and have a blockhead with a jet pack above you with the string tied to the kelp. This would keep the kelp floating. :thumbsup:

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Logically and physically, I do not think that is possible.


We are talking about a block game where gems grow on trees and jet fuel is manufactured in minutes and unicorns soar the skies… very little logic applies.


Yes, but somehow filling kelp with helium still doesn’t make much sense.

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Nor does jet packs being constructed in hours but yes helium kelp makes 0 sense

A jetpack seems significantly less weird though.

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Yea but the time it is constructed in

Yes, and it makes sense.


Probably because of that slice of water. In any case, it’s just a gamee! Like @BeakBoi20 said, things don’t have to make 100% sense in this game.