Waitangi Weekend


This weekend is a long one here in NZ, and it’s going to be very hot on Monday (a bank holiday), so I have decided to actually not work tomorrow (it’s Sunday here today). Just so you know… :slight_smile:


That sounds great… How I wish I had at least a day off… Relaxation is a rarity in my situation… Enjoy your weekend!


Have a great day off! Please spend your free day writing a full page of the explaination of “Waitangi.” We’ll be looking forward to seeing it early Tuesday morning! Kthxbye! ;p


At first I thought that you were happy to have milla away from here… :joy:

@milla: Enjoy your holiday, sometimes a break is necessary and truly relieving!


Whaaa… You get hot weekends while I’m here stuck inside because it’s too cold out to do anything. Unfair :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Rest well, milla. Once you get back, you’ll need it :wink:


Will the new version of The blockheads come before June? :rolleyes:


It was great. I actually did nothing at all constructive. I got a great deal done on Saturday and Sunday, such as building a large shelf unit for my movies and TC^HV shows, and doing a bit of a clean out. Yesterday I did nothing but relax. It was heavenly, and very unusual, since I usually spend most of each day getting stuff done :slight_smile:

Waitangi is the name of the place where the British treaty with Maori was signed. We commemorate it as our national day,

Waitangi is also the name of the tribunal that works with Maori when it comes to claims on the nation based on that treaty.

I think Waitangi means weeping or singing water or similar. “Wai” means water. Tangi means to weep, sing, or wail.


I have to ask… doubtless showing my ignorance of some famous show…

Time Crystal shows?


Really Bib? I thought you were cool. :joy:

Tom Constanten, keyboardist, and only surviving member of the original Grateful Dead.

At least I THINK that’s who she’s referring to. :wink:


Nah. @milla’s life revolves so much around The Blockheads that she created a fan-based Blockheads show called “TC” and rewatches her videos often. :joy:

Jk, I think she means “TV shows.”


(insert THINK thread)


@NYCCI nailed it. I typoed :slight_smile:


Well, I ended up taking another holiday. My sister let me use her beach house and I ended up using it Monday and Tuesday of this week, because it was hot here, and my heat pump is broken. It gets up to 45+ degrees in my house without the heat pump on. It was a much nicer idea to be at the beach! I will, as a result, be working next weekend.*

  • That’s Monday and Tuesday NZDT, and 45+ degrees centigrade.


FORTY FIVE??? Oh my goodness, I feel FAINT at like 38. For u guys in the States, 45C is like 113F!!!


The people who get bellow freezing 24/7 would boil over there… :what:


It was up around 34 outside, but my house is a sun-trap, and not well enough insulated to keep heat out. It gets between ten and fifteen degrees hotter inside than it is outside, which is lovely in winter, but not in summer :slight_smile:


wow, I’ve never heard of that! Houses here seem to have the exact opposite problem, where they’re so badly insulated that in the winter it’s really hard to keep the heat in :laughing:

edit: sorry kinda off-topic


Think of a glasshouse. They are warm when it’s sunny. Here in Hawke’s Bay it’s sunny most of the time. I don’t need to use a heater on sunny days. Once the sun sets or it clouds over I have to turn the heat pump on :slight_smile:


Wow, 36 degrees. I would melt if i encountered that. Lol.