Waitangi Weekend


Being half Scandinavian means I adore hot climates. I have to admit, I don’t like the tropics though. Humidity does for me.


I don’t really mind the heat most of the time… 98F? No problem! Humidity? :sick:


Come to Canada where we have lovely -30C weather during the cold months of winter! Oh and the 25cm snow :sweat_smile:


Do you guys get much rain there?

@Smeeglefied Its not to cold where I am at, but it sounds pretty good to me…


Perfect! Snow days are the best (I say this when I just said I like warm days… I can like both right? Course I can )


Haha, i got more snow than you! Total this winter is 90 cm or something. But some has melted, so it is only 30 cm on the ground. But Canada is colder than Greenland, so you win on that one. :stuck_out_tongue:


We’re currently experiencing drought conditions. If you look at Dave’s Twitter channel you can see his photos and discussion of a recent wildfire.

Last year was extremely dry, with only January and August getting any real rain, and the summer has been as dry as usual, which is a recipe for disaster.


Well a dam might collapse in us. Som bad disasters are happing over the world…


i want heat right now its cold out but down here in Arkansas tomorow could be warm when today was cold

and @Haque i heard about that is everything ok there


Praise the -20° C in Austria, which get your car’s antifreeze solid!


Cold… If google is correct that is -4F…so pretty cold


For me I am freezing cold if it’s below 80 endless it’s summer then about 78 I get cold fast


One day it is 70F, but the next it’s 30F… weather can’t decide what to do here. Haha


It’s pretty predictable where I am! It usually hovers around 30F to -15F, and it is NOT fun shoveling in -15 degree weather! :slightly_smiling_face::smile:


The summer before this past summer the one in 2015 we had a mild summer but in 2016 we had a hot summer and not a lot of snow this winter but like today currently it feels ok outside but tomorrow who knows that’s ar weather for u but I think it’s the southern part of the USA


It’s winter here, I should have snow but the weather is so random! One day it’s 60and sunny, then it’s 20 and raining, then 10 and snowing!


you in chicago?

Cause here in Wisconsin it was 72 degrees farenhight (22 celsius) on wendnesday and it went down to 3* F (-16* C) yesterday and snowed

something went wrong with mother nature here in the midwest


Nah I am in Wisconsin but I was just exaggerating.


that is not exagerating @Superfalcon123 . And I mean It.