Walk through safes


I’m not sure if you can do this with other blocks that you can walk pass, but it happens with safes for the most part. In order to do this, you place a block, place a stair to the left or right of it, place a block you can walk pass (This time it was a safe), and go on top of the block using the stair. You will be inside the block. If you move out and try to do it again without stairs, it won’t work. Not sure if different servers don’t do this, because this was a Mac server.


It would help if you had an image


Yeah, going up or down the stairs will place you on the layer of the objects. Be one with the stairs. Be one with the safe.

image image


Finally, I can hide in some random guys house without him screaming “how did you get here”, or “stop eating my dodos”


That looks painful…


“Where are my diamonds… I think i left them in he- WHOAH! WHAT are you doing in my safe!!!”

“No, your diamonds are in the other safe over there. Hey, will you be needing these ingots?”


It’s usually various benches for me, because I don’t actually use safes much. At least not next to stairs.


Oh sorry. I did record it so I could take a picture of the recording, but somebody did send a pic. :stuck_out_tongue: