Walled Garden Platforms

And this is the problem with how software is distributed now. Google, Amazon and Apple set the rules for everything. I like the “safety” aspect, they can remove malicious apps etc, but they control things that should be up to the developers.

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Amazon has a lot less strict set of rules, they might be able to continue publishing updates there instead of Google Play


Might be worth looking into. It’s annoying though as I got the double speed upgrade on android.

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That certainly is annoying as the restore purchases feature won’t work properly anymore :confused:

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The app got removed from the play store!

Yeah, it was removed back in January.

That’s how software distribution has always worked. Nothing in life is free. If you want to be on a popular storefront, you need to pay fees that allow the storefront to keep running. Maybe we should start acting grateful that Google even allows us to sideload apps in the first place.

For example, you cannot go into somebody’s house and complain about their rules and not follow them. You cannot make the house your own and trash the whole place. It’s a matter of courtesy and respect. :slight_smile:

Isn’t the Amazon App Store only available on Amazon’s devices? Even then, Noodlecake Studios stopped updating that version of the app. It is stuck on the version before 1.7.

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No, you can download it on any Android device. And Noodlecake are always free to update it to 1.7.x releases since Amazon didn’t block them, they just decided to stop updating on the Amazon store.

Do most people even know about the Amazon App Store though?

Certainly more people than the amount of people that know about the Noodlecake website hosting the APK :stuck_out_tongue:

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There will still be tons of people wondering where you can download the app though.

Yes, that’s a given. But it would be better in my opinion than just hosting it on their website, since they can at least update the app and IAPs will work.

Updating the game through the website is easier because they don’t have to wait for Amazon to approve the update.

…but then IAPs won’t work.

Would IAPs work in the Amazon version? Wouldn’t they require an Amazon account and would forever be tied to that account? I think that most people would rather use a Google account.

I disagree. Google have made it so there is no real alternative. In the past a company making, say, Windows games could sell their game how they wanted. They could sell it in a box in a number of shops, they could make a deal with any or all the shops that sold that type of thing. They could also offer it directly from their website or any other 3rd party online game selling website.

But now it all has to be done through Google (or Apple, or Amazon on their platforms). Developers have no choice, because Google makes most people think the only way to install things is in the Google Play Store. They make the rules, set the conditions. They also take a truly extortionate fee for any in-app purchases.

They’ve set themselves up as the gatekeepers to everything and it’s not right.

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It’s their platform. They should be able to do whatever they want as a result. If you don’t like it, just don’t put your app on the platform. If it means that users will stay secure by not installing malicious apps onto their devices, that’s great.

Maybe we should start acting grateful that Google even allows us to sideload apps in the first place.

Noooo! I bought my phone, I shouldn’t need to ask Google permission for using it how I want. They aren’t quite as bad as Apple, but they are way too intrusive in my device usage.

It’s a matter of courtesy and respect.

But they are a business, not a person. Yes, I respect other people’s property and rules within their home. But my phone is not Google’s property. Google, like most large businesses pay way less tax than they should, could they start treating their customers with respect, by paying their fair share and contributing to the countries that allow them to make a profit within their borders?

It’s their platform. They should be able to do whatever they want as a result.

Again, no. They own far too much market share to allow them to just do what they want. Big businesses, like Google, should be much more heavily regulated. They need to be kept under control, they have far too much control over you than you do over them.

At a bare minimum they should be forced to allow you to select at least one alternative 3rd party ‘app market’. When your phone is first turned on and you are logging into your Google account. You should be asked:

Tick which of these app stores you want to enable

  • F-Droid
  • Amazon
  • Samsung
  • Aptoide

And it would download and install them for you. This way you are given choice. You are not “forced” to use what they tell you. It very much reminds me of Microsoft getting into trouble for forcing Internet Explorer on Windows users. They were eventually ordered to give people a choice.

Consumers should not have to deal with any of the hassle brought on by a problem that they’re not concerned about, nor do I think that you’re entitled to everything. Only tech enthusiasts seem to care. That says a lot about the whole debacle…