Wanting to add credit to an old server of mine, but it is like "Frozen"

Anybody know how to fix this issue, I am wanting to add credit to an old world of mine, but It is also stuck on the searching for server tab, so I checked Owner Portal and it has been stuck like this for a few days, “Starting…” Image will be posted. Any help is much appreciated. I cannot add credit due to this error.

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This is not an error you’ll have to join in game to add credit

Thanks for feed-back, back this is all it shows when I try to join, and it hasn’t changed to the add credit tab…:

It is an error. I have fixed it.

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That has happened to me once. I thought that my server was completely broken, but the issue fixed itself after a week or so.

Probably not. I probably fixed it, or Dave ran a node-wide fix.