Warning: You can waste hard work with this annoying bug that deletes your entire post

Never click on “create topic” or “reply” and refresh the page at the same time, the post will be deleted.

And yes, it is a bummer because I was working hard on a thread, and I click on “create topic” but there was a lot of text, so it naturally took longer to create the topic, and i refreshed, and it deleted everything. DON’T DO THAT. Learn from my silly mistake :man_facepalming: :joy: :mad: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :triumph: :slight_smile:

You can test it in this thread. I will allow double posting, but when you finish with your experiment delete or merge the double posts :+1:

I am still angry :joy:

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Double posting is not allowed anywhere in the public forum.


Ouch… :ouch:

I have no idea how to refresh on an android, so lucky meh.

It’s the same for most text entry forms. A good policy is to never refresh a page containing an unsubmitted form you’ve entered content to unless you’ve changed your mind about submitting the content, and wish to clear the form.

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RIP, what was the post about?