Warping in blockheads just requiring apples


I think this is a bug that is happening to my home server griffen-land.

For some reason blockheads can be warped in with just apples and only apples. which is very strange of a bug.
If you need proof i can offer some:

This is not photoshopped

Make every blockheads warping requirements for fruits different for each player

may just be your luck


A person also reported this on my server so i know its not me.


I think this happens to all 4 blockheads you are able to warp in with fruits


Do you mainly grow apples on the server?


This is not that uncommon a bug. It has been this way on Rabbithole since version 1.3.

It might actually be fixed in 1.7 but if you created Griffen-land back in version 1.6 or before, then you’re like me and we’re just stuck with it.


It was created in june of 2014, 1.5.1


I’ve seen this on other servers as well. I think it happens on custom worlds.


Not necessarily. Rabbithole is vanilla. And seeing as how Griffen-land was created before custom servers existed, it would have been created as a a vanilla server as well.

A custom server would allow you to change the spawn items to whatever you wish.


Spawn items and warp in requirements are separate parameters.


Oh yeah. That’s true, but you can override both with custom settings.


Where do you edit the requirements for each new Blockhead?


You know what? I’m just an idiot. But custom server warp in requirements have often been vastly different and very advanced compared to survival servers in my experience. I need more caffeine and for today to not be a Monday now.


I was beginning to think I was short of caffeine :laughing: