Was it something I said?

Alright, the title is a joke. But for me it is September 25, and this happened.
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So what did I do wrong? Maybe I didn’t understand it? I almost have 365 days visited, so does it go off of that?


Every year on the join you get that badge. It’s like showing how many years you’ve been on the forum. Just make sure you post once in that year!

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It’s pretty hard to not post once per year,though :joy:

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What? You joke?

It’s past their anniversary and they haven’t got the badge. They are asking if they haven’t filled a criteria

It may just come a few days late. I think I haven’t gotten mine on the exact anniversary either.

I guess you have to see the movie.

Is this a reference to something? It seems like one

The cron job that gives badges only runs once per day, so if you joined such that your anniversary happened after the Anniversary badge was awarded that day you won’t receive it until it runs the next day.


Mine has also come late for the past few years.

That’s probably it. I just received it.

These are unlikely to happen bang on 365 days after your year begins, but you got this seven hours ago, according to Discourse.