Was YouTube down?

Was anybody having trouble watching YouTube videos a few hours ago?

There might’ve been a bunch of other things that were down too, but I’m not completely sure.

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Ooooohh… I didn’t try any websites other than YouTube at that time, so I had just thought that my internet service cut out.

Anyway, here’s an article about the YouTube outage:

Jesus, that’s a large amount of reports!
I wasn’t on during the outage, I was just playing Minecraft.

That’s funny, I was doing the same thing. Granted I had Youtube going in the background and noticed it did stop working.

wow a single glitch, i’m shocked

Yeah, I hit that, and then updated the app and it went away, so at the time I assumed it was just my app needing the update.

it occurred when using safari too, so i thought it was a server-based error, not because of the app, but i’m not sure i don’t work for them

edit: i checked, not that YouTube works well with anything besides google chrome or other stronger browsers like that, but even it was affected by this, so it was probably YouTube itself