Water bugs

I know that The Blockheads won’t be getting this update as this game is already finished, but it would be nice for water to be fixed. If you have water buckets and keep pouring them at once, you’ll probably notice a lot of lag. This would be a hard update regarding that there isn’t much to do about it, but it would be quite nice.


How could the lag possibly be fixed though?

The game is far from finished it’s a unfinished game like many games out there that support content updates when you have content updates it means the games is generally unfinished and it’s up to the players to wait for updates, which help fix bugs and add more features to a unfinished game. Let’s hope Dave comes back and finish the game there is no game like it on the AppStore so he still has a huge edge until someone makes a clone of this game in the future.


He was asking how it would be fixed


isn’t that the developer job to figure out?


I’m pretty sure it’s finished, or close to it. If it does get an update, it will be to fix something. Right now though, the next game is the focus.