We can't build with natural blocks so I have some ideas

First off Im making a server and the spawn is supposed to be a mountain but I’m using painted plaster for it so first of I think we need natural blocks like ores and stone which would be amazing also I a way of stamping an area and having it replaced a specific block replacing the repair command with like a change all or specific block option With something like I’d need it to change plaster to natural stone or you could have it change anything in its path like Anythingintoair like in an pay for app or something that could be like an extension to the owner portal to edit the world and make the world temporarily unavailable to play. Can’t be bothered writing more but I thought Id just share an idea


I’ve always wanted something similar to silk touch

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Yeah, I’d definitely like to see that implemented! :slight_smile:

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I can’t remember why Dave doesn’t want this added. One of the testing team may though. Otherwise searching this forum may bring up his reasoning :slight_smile:

probably because it would make TC more useless but thats why I mentioned it should be something you can pay for like a year or month to use it

No, I don’t see any link to TCs. It was a reasonable explanation. That’s one thing I do remember :slight_smile: