We Heard You! New Forums Platform!


Hello lovely Blockheaders!

We have heard your feedback and issues with the forums software we use and have risen to the occasion. Dave found a really amazing new product, and we will be porting to that very soon. What does this mean? It means that the vBulletin bulletin board is going the way of the dinosaurs, and will be replaced with the racy, exciting, and seriously powerful ***Discourse***!


What will happen? No more ranks by post count. No more static structure. Learning a new vocabulary. An astonishing collection of new features to accustom yourselves to. It does not mean lost posts, history or anything like that, and it means we will be able to do so much more. For example, we can turn posts into wiki articles, that users can edit and add to at any time. It means that we will get fewer spammers (we hope, oh yes we hope), and any number of other interesting changes.

It also means that I am going to be relatively ignorant about how things work, though I’ll have had much more time with the new place than you, and that things will work differently in general, so there will be an adjustment period for all of us. We will also be adjusting the platform to suit our way of doing things, and the rules and policies, so there will be changes occurring over the initial stages of familiarisation. I hope you’ll bear with us through this process!

The link above offers the chance to “try Discourse”. Please do so and have a go. It’s a sandbox that gets cleared daily, so you will have the chance to try things out before we go live, so it’s worth doing.

UPDATE: New registrations for the forums have been suspended until the port to Discourse has been completed. This will be within a week or two.


Wow is the blockheads fourms going into a new age/era? :smiley:


Yasss!!! A new very clean interface!!!

Edit: I just tried it. What a clean interface for my iDevice!!


We hope so, WumboJumbo. vBulletin has served us very well, and has always been a standard-setting product, but it’s not aging well, and we’ve had a lot of feedback from the community here about what people are after. Discourse makes more sense in the future, and is much more forward-thinking than the old-style bulletin boards. We also needed to think about Ambience, which is the next Majic game, and what sort of community interface that will demand. We need a community channel that works on mobile and larger devices, as well as something that isn’t so locked into old school patterns, and Discourse seems to be the best way to achieve that.

iAmtheNameoftheUser: Oh yes! It’s pretty slick :slight_smile:


Super excited for this to finally be implemented :slight_smile:

As a programmer: The best part of discourse is the keyboard shortcuts. I keep trying to use j and k here to scroll now…


Yay! Yes, VB has not been aging well at all since it was bought up and the core creators switched to Xenforo.


I will dearly miss this setup, as I have very fond memories of it from the years back.
The new setup seems so slick and cool, although from 5 min of trying to see how it works, I still have no idea, looks like I am going to spending alot more time trying to figure it out haha.


What will happen to existing ranks? How will I get new ranks? Will ranks exist at all? Seems like it supports markdown! Bold! Underline! Goodbye, vBulletin! Will the blockheads theme still be here? Will I have a choice? Will my real name be public?


You seem worried… Calm down it will be okay. :slight_smile:


Will it still be compatible with the tapatalk app?


No. If you don’t put your real name. It’s optional and unnecessary.


I read this in the “About” section of Discourse and I’m sold 100%

“Our trust system means that the community builds a natural immune system to defend itself from trolls, bad actors, and spammers”

Love it! Can’t wait to see how it will work.


They’ll be gone. You won’t. Yes, but they’ll be completely different. They’ll be called trust levels instead.
It does support markup. I don’t know what markdown is. Not this theme, but a new one. No. No.

It will render Tapatalk redundant, by fully supporting mobile browsing.


Yes, it supports markdown like Italics and Bold. Doesn’t seem to have an underline, unless you use bbcode
test strike rather than [strike]strike[/strike]


So will our rep be converted to “trust levels” or will we all have to start over again?


I don’t know. I’ve yet to explore the various voting mechanisms.


will the custom ranks like mine be taken away or will they be saved?

and please say that its not going to be all white like the test shows, it hurts my eyes :stuck_out_tongue:


Dave will skin it after we’ve got the data ported over, probably while it’s live, I think.

Yes, ranks will be gone, but testers and others with custom ranks will be able to get me to add them after we’ve ported.


Aww yeah!! :dodo:
I just made an account and found Skeeve’s thread. This format is smoooth!


New registrations for the forums have been suspended until the port to Discourse has been completed. This will be within a week or two.