We Heard You! New Forums Platform!


Great! No spammer can register! Although, it does mean some legitimate players will have to wait.


Lol why is this in News & Announcements (for the game), not in Meta? :lol:


Are the emojis going to be removed?


But truthfully, as much as some people may have feedbacked about the forum interface, I have never saw a post or talk about it.

The one that needing most attention right now is probably the anticipation of the update.


ohhhhh K… Please excuse this ol’ duck if I make wrong posts or NO POSTS… cause I’m trying to figure it all out… Hopefully I shall bumble about in the right places & it will be perhaps easier than this board which took me some time to get used to… Now I’m used to it… we move on LOL Nothing like change to keep the ol’ noggin’ active… a challenge :thumbsup:


This is good news, but I kinda wish that you guys had used mybb instead. But i can’t wait for the new update :smiley:

Probably not. It’s pretty easy to transfer over emoticons and their settings.


A number of us have come together to petition for an in-app forum :smiley: :smiley:


Thought that would be a cool idea if possible :slight_smile:

It would be awesome to have many many more people on the forums.


Its news and announcements. Not game specific, but typically about the game anyway. So since this is an announcement it belongs here.

For a bit, perhaps. They’ll probably return pretty quickly.


You’ll get the hang of it! It’s intuitive enough, and if you get stuck just shout out in meta :slight_smile:

As mentioned we are trying to get away from traditional BBs :slight_smile:

Red: The forums will be linked from the game, as they always have been, and are mobile-friendly.


Could we possibly just get rid of the rating system and use a like button (and no dislike)? That way we won’t have people that get sad because their thread happens to have a low rating.


Have you checked out the new platform yet? You might want to :slight_smile:



Oh well, had to make a new account. I made Craftingninja a while ago when I was stupid, and none of my emails would receive the verification email, so I used a friend’s email to make it. Here’s to a new start, I guess?