Weird Dodo Gliding Glitch



I don’t know if this has happened to anybody else but sometimes on a server when I kill dodos they run away but when they go to run away they just glide. It’s really odd and sometimes incredibly funny. An example I can give is when I hit a dodo that was near the ocean and it glided across. Either somebody on the server hacked dodos to do that or it is a bug. It never happens on single player and I’d like it to be fixed. This has happened to me, (on android) my younger brother (on kindle fire) and my friend (iPhone).
I don’t think its exclusive to a certain device.


Probably a glitch caused by lag.


I doubt it is lag because the dodo moves. It performs no moving animation. It ends up in its destination and stays there. It doesn’t return to where it was either. I follow them when it happens to try get my dodo meat.