Weird Finds in Blockheads



So here I am in Weird Finds where you can post any Weird Finds in Blockheads you have and someone shall respond to you and tell you what’s wrong with it and why it happened if you don’t already know, from Red Unicorns to Black Seas there’s always someone to help with the issue or someone to share your funny find with.

We do have a few rules to stay by when sending your pictures of your Weird Finds, if you don’t obey these we will have to kick you.

  • No Memes
  • No Hacking to get the glitch
  • No Purposely Glitches

While your her why not take the time to read the messages people send, won’t that help you get the Reader badge if we have 100+ messages? I can’t wait to see what Glitches you can find with your friends!


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