Weird glitch/bug


So, i was on Donutask’s server and I went to dump out some trash in the trach chute. I followed the stuff down to lava by scrolling. It hit the lava and disappeared. So i scrolled back up. But then I saw more trash falling down, but I was the only one on. It was also the same trash I had threw down the chute before.


I think thats just lag.


yea thats probably just lag


I wasn’t lagging though. And I don’t think the server was lagging either.


the items might have been snapbacked


Definitely lag.


Rendering distance maybe?


Sometimes you can’t feel lag, even though it’s there
Life ain’t wanna play fair sometimes ;-;


Hmmm?? Did Oreo change annoying lag to 25x? It probably is just normal game lag as the chute works for me.


maybe a lava monster threw it back up?