Weird invisible door

For some reason if you put a door on natural limestone and break it the door turns invisible

Are you lagging at all?

Nope I even saw another players door like this too
All other doors are normal to me

Is this on just that world, or is it general? What happens if you restart the world or your device?

It didn’t happen for me underground on a server

It worked for me on a sky island

invisible vine i think

place two column there, and then place the door


I had that happen on my oldest server before. somehow managed to find a way to remove it though, so when people needed glitches removed. I was usually the guy to do the job whenever someone wanted me to do it. ES 1.7, the command ‘/Repair’ Filled my job in so I didn’t have to do it anymore.

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that is a weird spot to place it, maybe it’s the placing? not sure