Weird line in server

So I was mining in a server when it crashed. I came back after a few minutes, and got back in fine. When I logged in though, there was this line across the screen. Can anybody tell me what it is, and how it got there? Possibly how to get rid of it? It doesn’t seem to be interfering in any way, its just kind of annoying.

EDIT: I just logged back in, and it’s gone.

That happened to my sister a few times. I think it’s a glitch where it says there’s rain in a cave but it isn’t really there so the contradicting information freezes it.

That is probably a graphical bug.

I’ve had this happen tons, it’s a really harmless bug but it’s super fun to see how long some of them stretch out. Had one stretch over 30 blocks!

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Hey that’s my fishing line! :joy:

Mesh glitches I guess, a joint of it being glitched and take a whole path with it. It usually cause a mesh part on an object to be empty and the glitched mesh part will look distorted.