Weird, yet Amazing Job Listings

Job Listings is a new feature in the game that can be found at trade portals.

Here’s one that I found my favorite, yet weird:

What’s your favorite one? Share them below!


I might point out that the text is almost going off UI screen.


I noticed that too.

You get 50 tcs in 12 hours??? You could watch three vids in a bit over a minute and get more tc than that, PLUS save ten plat.

But you must wait 10 minutes for the next ad.

Ok, so if you have to wait ten minutes between each ad (which I usually don’t sometimes I can watch 10+ in a row) That would make a bit over thirty minutes to get 50 tc, and saving your ten plat.

But then I have to go off of Blockheads by that time. :joy:

In 1.7 now this should be impossible. If not, you should report it as a bug.

If I may ask, why was the one-ad-per-ten-minutes limit implemented?

Probably because of me watching YouTube videos on another device while getting unlimited ads on my phone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just for balancing, so you don’t sit there and binge your ads. If you have to wait ten minutes between them, you might as well play between the adds… I dunno for sure though.

This is helpful to when u jackpot a time that you can job list for diamond when you playing in survival like wingysam did :smiley:

I made a bronze machete in exchange for 99 wheat–the time being 3 hours.
Because I was too lazy to explore my already explored world.

I thought it was good, because I don’t really play on that world much.
So productivity while I’m not on!

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idk about job listings, but just based on general common sense, that sounds backwards to me. shouldn’t it be using tool to harvest plants, rather than crafting bronze outta wheat?

Lucky for you, good sir, I am still active three years later after my post–but generally I would advise against replying to someone months after it was posted because usually they aren’t around anymore, or it’d be better to start a new thread.

To answer your question, you don’t craft bronze outta wheat, that isn’t possible. Job listings are performed by a blockhead entering a trade portal for a period of time with a tool / item. Sometimes no item is required, only time (could take 1 minute or 12 hours). In exchange, you receive items, in this case from three years ago, I got 99 wheat for a Blockhead holding a bronze machete entering the trade portal and remaining there for three hours.

I did not lose the bronze machete, so I can still use it to harvest plants in the future; my blockhead only needed to enter the trade portal and remain there for three hours (alternatively you can speed it up with time crystals). Job listings are good for your blockhead(s) to be productive when you aren’t online.



I get it now but was just confused by wording

What I meant was that I didn’t have a bronze machete before, so I decided to make one as the job listings prompted me to.
Making machetes out of wheat isn’t plausible, especially bronze ones. That’d be a machete made of wheat.