Welcome message access


This is really both a questions and sort of suggestions thread, so lemme get into it. In multiplayer worlds, is there any sort of button/setting to set welcome message access to yourself? And if not may I suggest one?


Why would you want it to be only accessible by the owner? People generally put rules and information about the world that everyone needs to know there.

And to answer your question, no. Unless you use code and add a password, but that’s not part of the game.


A possible use I can think of is using it for taking notes.
For example a list of your planned tasks


You could use signs or even the notes app on your device. Even so, that wouldn’t hurt to have people know about your upcoming tasks, right? Maybe if they’re secret, but then you can just remember them. Or use the options I listed above.


It’s just someone keeps deleting my weLcome message on my server and I was wondering if I could like lock them out.


Oh so you mean editing access. Well the simplest answer is to only admin people that you trust.


Maybe it was an old admin that comes on when i’m Not there


Well, you actually can’t be sure if an admin can be trustworthy.
Maybe it is your friend or anything, and it could work out well, still, there’s people that you trust that could ruin that.

Also, @Mhead , you should check the owner portal to see who’s doing that.
And ban/unadmin that person.


Ok, I can try that


The purpose of the WM is to welcome and inform visitors.


Maybe instead of a private welcome message, you could make a notes section in the options menu next to the welcome message. This would allow for an easy to access note system.


Well I really meant editing access


Oh, how you give people access is by giving them Admin permissions. (Use the /admin playername command to do so)


If you frequent your server continually, you can figure out who changes your message through the log in the owner’s portal… or at least narrow it down to which admins might be responsible.

I’d suggest putting a rule in the welcome message stating that “ONLY the owner can modify the Welcome Message. Any admins who break this rule will automatically be banned.” (That might take care of it.).


Took care of the rogue admin after catching him in the act of destroying the hotel and elevator.