Welcome message code broken (SOLVED)


HI my welcome message code seems broken it doesn’t seem to show head admin anymore one of the admins were messing around with welcome message message and idk how to fix it could anybody help me thanks !6](upload://6UwJjsuhC1VgL7FZ3Uugn.jpeg)image

If anybody needs admin to help my server is called cherry blossom by £shiny~crystal£

It’s supposed to look like This


Just had a quick glance because I’m in class, but try moving the break outside of the quotes?


Idk anything about html or what you said if it’s not too much to ask can you join my server and I’ll make you admin so you can attempt to fix it I asked my friend but he couldn’t do it either


He means the <br> is inside the quotes. Aka it says:

”<br> HEAD-ADMIN : “


Hm I tried but nothing happened


The variable had a space. :slight_smile: all is fixed now


Thank you wasn’t sure what was wrong