Welcome Message Fiddle


Yesterday I built a fiddle application to make it easier to design welcome messages on a computer. It’s pretty simple, you type on the left and it updates the welcome message on the right.

A relatively new browser is required. Enjoy!


Welcome Message Variables
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That’s very cool, I am sure I will use it.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Awesome. :+1:




I usually test my welcome messages using a single player world, setting up Local Host. Then edit the welcome message. But this is better! See the updates at the same time, yay!


@Bibliophile, this might be a bit off topic, but do you think it would be possible for you to create a welcome message sourcecode validator someday?

The W3Cs HTML validators always mark the sourcecode as bad because it doesn’t have a doctype, or an html, head, title, meta viewport, or meta character set elements.

Also, the W3Cs CSS validates have no way of knowing that there are already classes and IDs already set for the welcome message.


Awesome! This will safe me so much time, I don’t need to write the welcome message on my slow iPad anymore which disconnects many times…




This is actually a really neat idea. I think I could make it work :slight_smile:


Nothing shows. I also tried to type something, same. Refreshed a couple of times, nothing.


Nice catch @Bibliophile! I need to know more about Wms for my own server, so I appreciate this being posted at this point! :slight_smile:


Take a look at the end of the style element - you don’t actually close it so nothing will show up.


It is the default code that is there when you refresh the site. Even when I removed it and just put some simple random codes, nothing showed up.

It is working now. I refreshed it a couple of times, and it just works again.


As soon as you edit the code, there is no default. It saves what you put between page refreshes. You have to remove everything, then refresh the page to get the default back.

@KP7. I looked into validators, and ended up just swapping the textarea out for the Ace editor. It won’t check css classes… but it will warn you if you do something like forget to close a tag.


Yeah, I did that, it was just the default. It’s solved now.


Yea, I was wondering if that would be a bit much to make a whole validator considering all differen’t combinations of mistakes someone could make.

But this is just about as good. It actually is a really nice editor. It’s better than the one W3Schools has on their site. Especially with the line numbers and being able to hide parts of the sourcecode. :slight_smile:

I did notice however, the editor doesn’t seem to warn you of CSS mistakes.

I left a curly bracket off the end of an element deceleration, and it didn’t notice it.

I added a red box to show where it should be.


Thank you so much!


I thought you meant fiddle as in :violin: violin.


Today I decided to update the fiddle to make it easier to share code, so there is now a share button :slight_smile:

I also added a reset button because it seemed like I needed another button up there :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice. Could you add a clear editor button to clear everything? It still has the Navigation Bar when I reset.