Welcome message html tutorial



Welcome message html tutorial

<br> = blank line
<bl> = line
<font color=(color)>(text)</font> = colored text
<h1>(text)<h1> = huge text
<a href="(URL)">(text)</a> = link 
<img src="(seruce)" alt="(altenative text)" width="(vaule)" height="(vaule)"> = image/photo
<li>(text)</li> = list
<iframe src="(URL)" height="(vaule)" width="(value)"></iframe> = Ifame website
<marquee direction="(direction)" scrollamount="(value)">(text)</marquee> = moving text

 Youtube at welcome message exlample: 
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/3Wn9gbCxUbA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
You can change the 3Wn9gbCxUbA to Your video code to change this video to other video. also you can change the witdh and height to make custom size.

ask me at this comment if question

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I hope i can write welcome messages
But It won’t let me scroll down. :frowning:


It’s a little glitch,
Try writing it in your notes app if you have any,
If you don’t have a notes application,
Try getting one.
Anyways, write your welcome message in a note,
Including how you wanted it to look like using html stuff.

Once you’re done with the welcome message,
Copy the whole thing,
Then go to the blockheads, to a server you wish to put that welcome message to, and paste.


If you find a server with a good WM & are trust worthy to be ADMIN, you can copy & adjust their WM to suit your world. Or ask the owner to visit your world to put a WM in for you.

Remember, the more additions you have (images, etc…) the longer it will take to load & many will just skip it by pressing ‘done’ rather than wait to read it.

sometimes, simple & plain is best.

“All GOOD servers have a long WM”


By scroll down do you mean while editing the code?

If so, try pressing the return key 10 to 15 times at the end of the code.


If you go into the welcome message and click enter a bunch of times, it will give you room to scroll. When you use HTML it won’t show up on the bottom of the welcome message, so you could leave it there.


Sometimes, the keyboard gets big and it doesn’t let you see the bottom part, so as others have said above, a notes app like the one pre-installed in iOS can work. You could use an HTML Editor that can be found on Google to make your welcome message.


So how would you type it to make one line color red?

<font color=red>Type your text here</font>


Aside from missing the quotes around the color, this is obsolete HTML 4. While it still works in The Blockheads and most Browsers, it shouldn’t be used, just like <b>, <i> and so on. Since HTML 5, use HTML only for the document structure. All layout and styling should be done with CSS.

That is, use <span>, assign a class or ID and style it in your CSS:

<span class="red">This text is called "red", but we will color it blue</span>
<style>.red { color:#0000FF; }</style>

<!-- Or use: -->
<span style="color:#0000FF;">This text has no name, but it is blue anyway</span>

This is more complicated to learn, but it is better HTML and should be used over HTML 4 whenever possible. HTML 4 is not officially supported anymore and may fail to render in the future.


Well what I put is what I use, as I never got into HTML that much and I don’t really plan to any time soon. What I put works for me.


It’s not about works or doesn’t work - in programming, you need to ensure compatibility. And HTML 5 is more compatible than HTML 4. Of course, The Blockheads is an entirely different case, I am unsure which engine it uses and if it is being updated. So I may be wrong too. But this is still important if anyone would use this code somewhere else.


its original html!


To use the newest HTML, use
<!DOCTYPE html>
at the beginning of code.


More things: The <h1> goes all the way down to <h6>, but you cannot have decimals.
You can use RGB to style font colors,
li means list item (You need <ol> or <ul>, for numbers or bullets, respectively, like
<ol> <li> Text <li> Text </ol>
for a numbered list,
<bl> cannot be used with HTML 5,
<br> is like the return key on a keyboard,
and finally, there are many, many more tags that can be used to style your code.
This is all with HTML 5



Huh it didn’t work here’s the code I used
<font color=red> HTML TEST </font>


no, its html5


I think that the forums does not support colour text.


Do u guys know how to put YouTube videos on welcome massage

If u know Plzz help me and tell me


Ok I’m waiting