Welcome Message - I Need Help


How do I put a GIF on a welcome message? I need to know ASAP.


The same as an image.

<img src="www.image.com/picture.gif" alt="This is not a real image.">

The alt field is required for a gif.


It’s not working. I have a feeling it’s because the GIF doesn’t end with .gif, but I can’t find a website to do that and it’s really stressing me out.


Are you sure you used "" and not “”?


Just a reminder that

(alt=“Example”) is not really necessary. :slight_smile:


Wait, are you sure about that?


Yeah, alt is not necessary




I don’t even have an alt for this and it seems to work fine.

<img class="roundimg2" src="https://s22.postimg.cc/5gh6s8e01/81_B7_D9_A9-02_CA-455_B-_B7_DF-1153_E852507_E.gif">

Roundimg is what I use to round images. You don’t need it if you don’t use it.

It could be necessary but this is a gif I uploaded to postimages.


Alt is good for when people can’t load your images, so you can explain what it is instead. If you have a picture instead of text for example they can still read the text.


I think I’ve got it. Thank you! ^^