Welcome Message Images

I have two questions-
Is it possible to make an image become the background
How do you take an image that’s usually large and resize it to, let’s say, 50 pixels x 50 pixels?

Yes, which background do you mean? The white box, or the full page?

If the white box:

#messageContent {
  background: url("...");

If the whole page:

body {
  background: url("...");

You probably should download the image and resize it in an image editor and then upload it, as otherwise you will be making the page slower to load than necessary, but you don’t have to do this. You can also constrain the img tag’s size.

<img src="..." width="50" height="50">

Note that this will squash the image if it isn’t square to make it fit.


Thank you! I’ve been searching this for way too long…

Change it to #questions since its a question about the game