Welcome message not opening

On my ipad I have to leave and rejoin to see/edit the wm on I think every server I have an ipad air2 ios 14.4.2 on my iphone 6 I can see the welcome message without leaving I only can test on those 2 devices

[Edit by milla: not upon joining, but once in-world]

I will try and reproduce the issue later today.

Same thing happens on my iPad Pro 10.5"

I panicked once thinking I deleted the whole Welcome Message.
Turns out, it came back after a while with my edit intact.


I see the WM on joining on iPad Pro 9.7” running 14.4.2.

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Joining isn’t the problem it is when I’m already in game

Okay. I checked once in-world on both my iPad Pro and my iPhone 12 Mini. WM renders properly.


That’s the weird thing I just tried making a video and it worked but before it didn’t

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What about you, Skeeve?

Now welcome messages are a white screen when I clicked edit though it showed it but not where it normally also shows it

Have you tried rebooting your device?

Same to me that I try to tap view/edit welcome message that I can’t edit the html letters and words that I use my iPad 6th Generation so maybe Dave Frampton or Milla will gonna fix the bug in the next update soon.

Dave is working on another game right now, and I haven’t coded since the 80s, so an update is very unlikely :upside_down_face:

Can everyone experiencing this try a reboot, try a bunch of different worlds, try a couple of Mac-hosted worlds, and report back, with iOS versions concerned?

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Forgot to say it’s working again???

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I was getting blank welcome messages on cloud and Mac, JS and no JS. The help/support ID page was blank as well. Fully closing the app and reopening it fixed the issue.

Somewhat sketchy wifi, iPhone 6S, iOS 14.0, non-jailbroken, 10GB storage free, 5% battery charging.

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