Welcome message tips

Can everyone give me all posts that tell me about how to make a welcome message lol I’m lazzzyyy

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Check out these for starters:

and follow the links to other resources they point to.



This guide also happens to be pretty neat.

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I would also want some HTML codes please :grinning:

Here’s a complete guide for you! :slight_smile: :smiley:
It has all the info from “how to edit wm” to everything!


I also have a question. How do you use buttonsimage

I would like to learn how to do that.
Also, it won’t let me scroll down when I edit the welcome message

I’ve learnt a lot from this thread

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would someone please edit the wcm for me on my server? I can edit it, but it takes me off of the server and out of the welcome message if i stay in it for more then 30 seconds or so. :frowning:

I can !!! :blush:

OK code, tell me when you can hop on the server!

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