Welcome Messages - Tips & Tricks



Why doesn’t this work? Take_Me_to_the_Skies.mp3


Because that file isn’t stored in the game. You need to provide the full link to the file.




I know I don’t have to bump threads, I am sorry, but just one thing; does this work with other songs? Imagine Dragons, Tøp, etc.


You only bumped the thread by 28 days. 1 month counts as a bump.


Yes, you can include any song — As long as you get the link to an MP3 of that song.


Please don’t. Or at least include the information elsewhere in your welcome message.

There are a few ways to do it…


Is probably the simplest, but may not get rid of everything you want it to.


I’m sorry I’m bumping this but is their a way or a different code that prevents the music from overlapping.


It depends on how you are setting up the music - do you use a script or an <audio> element?


I am currently using this

I used a screenshot because I didn’t know the wea to put it in the grey box


You can do four spaces to get the grey box. (on forums)

If you mean this.


Yes I was talking about that grey box


I’m fine editing background color you want, text color, text size, and some ads like reminding that you can ”cancel” or ”okay” :thumbsup:


I do wanna actually add like a button to the pop-up message, I wanna put in it “ I understand

I didn’t put that “now for some horrible overlapping music”, someone else put that but I guess I’m completely fine with it


Apologies for bumping, but how do I make a hyperlink?


not bumping, since you are contributing to the topic. Yes it’s a loopy rule and case by case, but I’ll answer your question rather rant on it

you can use a url or hyperlink, but if you want to know the difference between a hyperlink and a url, look below


Making links is pretty easy, the tag is a for “anchor” and the property is href for “hypertext reference”.

Putting those together:

<a href="https://theblockheads.net">Blockheads</a>

You can use the same syntax on the forum, if you don’t like the markdown syntax. Demo: Blockheads


Not working :confused:


Take a look at the closing quote for your URL - it isn’t a real quote, but a fancy quote. If you fix that, it will work. I recommend turning off fancy quotes under keyboard settings when working on HTML.