Welcome To The Blockheads Forums!

Hello everyone!

These forums are still in their infancy, and are growing extremely quickly, so please try to keep that in mind when everything falls over :wink:

Rules will probably be added at some point if needed, but as in any public forum please be polite and nice, and remember there are kids on here, so no bad language please.

Enjoy your stay!

And just as a bonus, here is a picture of a chilli plant at night.



oooo glowy


Soooo hungrrrrryyyyy!

I guess you could say it was a chilly night :wink:

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Just discovered this via someone on the twitters. I recently got into a game very much like this :wink: and this looks so much more fleshed out. Can’t wait to try it out!

Ohhh, looks really spicy! :slight_smile:

Yay! Also those chilis are super spicy if you eat to many :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you
Happy to enter this game

very nice spicyyy!

Thank u Dave
I’m a kid :-}

Cool chili plant!

I actually found one of them chili plants myself. I must say they are pretty rare.

Awesome. After searching for some info on the game, the forum came up.

Phate here, downloaded Blockheads yesterday, and been playing non stop.

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Thank You.

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Please don’t necro old posts, @Zeekiel.

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I know, I messed up, once again.

Someone sent me a link to this post but I forgot it could be an old one. :cold_sweat: