Well, another end to another server

Here’s an update on Super World by Super Ender 2008. The server has been destroyed. An admin has gone rogue and destroyed everything, banning everyone. However I was able to get a moderator to unban the admins. The owner I don’t think is coming back anytime soon and I legally pronounce this server dead. Unless I can get the ownership of the server which will probably not happen.



PM me with details on what the welcome message says.

I see no indication that the owner has stopped playing or has abandoned this world. they have been active quite recently. Even if they’d been inactive for years, that is not the basis for a change of ownership. The world is theirs. Only they can request the ownership change.

Please also note, that when something like this happens there should only be a single thread about it, if any. The first step should be to PM me.

Dw, won’t do it next time. But wdym that he’s still active, is he still playing on the server?

I mean that you saying the player has abandoned the world is inaccurate at this stage :slight_smile:

So he’s still playing on the server? When did he last play, I wanna know

I don’t disclose information like that to anyone but the player it concerns, for privacy reasons.

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