Well few aquatic animals

well the 1.7 is still here and no 1.8 well in our worlds in the block heads we have two only aquatic animals just sharks and fish looks like the game is lacking of aquatic animals what aquatic animal did you like to see in the game? Why not Add Jellyfish Stingrays Tunas sardines and Swordfish and Crabs to the game


Crabs would be a nice little addition!

Yeah Crabs! If this game has crabs the spawn areas of crabs are next to beaches they are small if you kill one they will likey drop a food which is crab meat or just a crab that you cook as a food

maybe Crab shells can be used to make compost.
Kill crab–>drops shell–>crushed to powder with electric press–>compost

Yeah that might work

Crabs could come out of the water and attack you if provoked.

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Dolphins. Minecraft did a good job with Dolphins. Oh, and turtles too! I think dolphins and turtles on top of your ideas would be a good set.

I’d love to see dolphins jump out of the water in Blockheads. :yum:

ride a dolphin sounds fun

Maybe crushed limestone than compost. Doesn’t seem organic to be crush for compost