What a happend to the Server Gangrunners

I’ve been playing for awhile know and I had played on a server called Gang Runners and know it has just disappeared.

It likely closed down at some point.

Yeah but when I search up GangRunners it is deteted

Probably long out of credit or could be private

BTW, if a server is renamed, the old name will remain on your world spinner until you join that world again. If the world is not on your spinner to begin with then the only thing you can do is search but searching the old name won’t yield the right results.

I suspect that this world is long out of credit now anyway, and perhaps it was either renamed or made private prior to going out of credit.

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No world hosted on our cloud platform has ever been deleted. Dave reserves the right to do that, but hasn’t.

I think you will find that either you have the name wrong, or the name was changed.