What are all the seeds?


What are all the custom seeds and what are they for?


To copy and paste water and land terrain inside new worlds. It’s good for if you want to make a new server and you want the water and land terrain to look like the old one.

There are over 999999999 different seeds


Im now going to try seed 999999999 in a single player.


Haha amazing


How do you copy paste seeds? And can you do it on mobile?


You could try writing them down.


I need to know some seeds.


Try 483827459.


what happens?


Test it out for yourself!


I cant right now.


There’s actually a lot more according to the combinations rule. In my calculation so far there are at least 14631321600 difference seeds


Ok, time to try 14631321600 instead.

Edit: Actually I’mma try both.


That’s why I said over 999999999


I’m going to use the seed 666 and see what happens…
The seed was horrible. I deleted the world…


That’s the things. I don’t know where you are copying it from lol

I just saw the seeds option in custom and that you had to enter something. Didn’t know if it was letter, numbers or both. I stupidly started writing plant names to see if that would get me new foods. Lol

Its very clear I didn’t know what seeds were lol. Or what you were supposed to do


Pretty sure you can put letters in aswell.