What are rocks?

So the same person on YT had rocks, which I’m pretty sure is unmined stone. But, how did they get that in their inventory??

idk how you get it in your inventory, but if you paint plaster grey it will look like unmined stone ( figured out by Rogal Dorn )

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Probably edited for hacked items

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Why do you want to know?

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Because it would be cool to build out of what would look like natural stone. It would truly confuse other players :smiley:

Yeah probably

Hmm very true, but what was in their inventory was literally called “rocks”, rather than plaster.

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Please do not double post. Thanks you!

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They’re typically collected through pre-existing scripts/apps in jailbreak. Many of these unobtainable items such as rocks have passed on through duplicating methods and other servers through portal chests.

If you want an legit alternative to provide natural looking stone, consider seeing this thread about using plaster.


Ok. Thanks :smiley:

at times i feel like i’ve seen a similar question multiple times, not necessarily here, but i’m not sure you’d still be able to obtain them, i mentioned this about lava but they’re only a tile ID, there’s no item ID assigned to them, so they can’t be physically put into the inventory

i think that’s happened with stone, in which case, i have absolutely no idea, but i’m pretty sure most naturally generated blocks that can’t be obtained as an item through any normal persons can’t even be placed in the inventory due to the lack of item ID

i said more here

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