What are some cool server concepts?

Some servers have objectives that make it more interesting than just getting a portal chest and getting bored. What are some server objectives/ideas that can make it more engaging?

Here’s and old list of ideas I made a long time during the days of SOUL BH Servers:

Wasteland Survival (AKA the Skeeve concept) - A barren land with very low vegetation and other vital resources, players are forced to meditate for some items to progress.

Stranded - A mostly water covered world with few small islands. You must swim away from spawn island through shark infested waters to islands where resources can be found.

BH vs. Wild - A world lush with vegetation but infested with deadly creatures.

Treasure Hunt - Standard world in which players hunt for key locations (Example include: The Lost City of Gold, Atlantis, Alien UFO, or the RMS Titanic)

Battle Royal - A PvP concept in which no teams/factions of any sort are allowed (Optionally minor pacts can be allowed if you want) and participants only get one BH. Note this can be used as an event rather than an entire server

Team 1 vs Team 2 - A massive, never ending battle between 2 factions

Diplomacy - A faction server in which it isn’t just a bunch of willy-nilly fighting, rather factions must formally justify and declare wars, alliances are much more meaningful, and all that good stuff.

Resource War - A faction world in which 2-4 factions fight for control of strategic resource points (such as wood, flint, quarries, or farmlands)

The Land Down Under - A faction PvP world in which everyone is forced to stay underground, and can only get ores via sieves (Minimal natural ore spawning)

Not sure if this was what you were looking for exactly, but I figure I might as well toss this out here either way.

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Capture the flag? :question:

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i enjoy city building/building in general

handcar servers are fun

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