What are some hidden features about blockheads?

What are some hidden features or actions, if any, that other players may not know they could do in the blockheads?

Hit the branches (leaves) for sticks?

It’s good to play in expert worlds sometimes to remind yourself there’s always more to learn :slight_smile:

It’s hard to say whether or not you would find any of these to be “hidden features” but they weren’t initially obvious to me.

Rails can be placed on columns and a stack of two columns will float in the air, so you can suspend tracks anywhere with no blocks, just columns and rails.

Plants don’t die in compost (unless they lack sufficient light)

Hot tubs will heal you and can keep you alive above the oxygen level in space.

Golden tools give you random items while you are using them.

Rails can be “buried” behind other blocks if you place elevators on the space first.

Lights can also be covered by blocks using elevators. (Search the forum for “Embedded lights” for how to do it.

Bicolor Tulip hybrids can be bred.


Surprisingly, i have heard all of them except the one with the rails. That and hot tubs might possibly be the most useful in my opinion.

Wasn’t that patched?

Moved to the Questions forum.

It was almost patched, but we convinced Dave to leave it in.

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I thought that was the reason for luminous plaster? Is it just to keep legacy builds in tact?

Yes. Partly. Luminous plaster doesn’t quite have the same effect as embedded lights which actually emit light. If you embed gems, they produce a cool colored glow. And luminous plaster has the shortcoming that it has no texture. If you want to use blocks with textures, you still need to use the embedded light trick.

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And isn’t it the case that in really large solid luminous plaster builds you have to be using some kind of vehicle to actually travel through the interior unless lights have been embedded?

Not a vehicle. But you would need doors or trapdoors to let non-admins explore the whole thing and clear the black fog.

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