What are trust levels and how to PM

Hi there! I’m new to the forum, even though I’ve played blockheads for awhile.
I could really use some help understanding the terms such as “trust levels” and how on earth do I personal message someone? I have tried every way I’ve found and even switched to my computer. Any ideas or help would be Super appreciated!! :))) @KP7 (maybe you could help? :slight_smile:


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Your private message question just so happens to be answered by answering the trust level question.

Trust levels are kind of like the player/mod/admin roles in game, with a few extra roles. When you first join you start at Trust level 0. Here’s a summary:

  • TL0 / New - New user, limited privileges. Used to limit the damage spam bots can do. TL0 users can’t send private messages or do a few other minor things.
  • TL1 / Basic - A user who has been around for a bit and understands at least at a basic level how the forum works. You will automatically be given this trust level after browsing around the forum for 15-30 minutes (there are specific requirements, but reading a few threads will naturally fulfill them). At TL1 you get the ability to send private messages by clicking on someone’s name and choosing message.
  • TL2 / Members - Users who reach this level have been around for at least a couple of weeks, they can create group messages and get a few other permissions.
  • TL3 / Regulars - Users who are an active part of the community for a few months. They get some extra privileges like renaming threads and moving them. Beta testers are automatically TL3.
  • TL4 / Leader - Just Milla, Asyc, and Dave. They get more moderation powers. This trust level cannot be automatically gained.

There’s way more information here, if you’d like, but keep in mind the requirements are configurable, and I once Milla has tweaked some of the settings. https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/


Wow ok thank you so very very much!!! I really appreciate that!!! :slight_smile: I’m so excited!! :)))))

To be here I presume?

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Thats right! I’m excited to be able to learn and get started on the forum :slight_smile:

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@asyc got demoted to Regular.

She is still in the moderator group: https://forums.theblockheads.net/g/moderators