What are unknowns?

I’ve found a few and they seem to glitch the game but i don’t know what they are. Is there a way to get rid of them?

Throw them into lava.

You could just sell them…there are a couple of people here on the forums that actually buy them!

Do those people want their server to crash? Thats just…

(People like to buy unknown, they are rare :P, although they are glitchy :()
Unknown is a identity -
-might take the texture of the next update’s stuff (but still can’t be usable)
E.G. 1.5 unknown turning into an unknown jet chassis
-might not be a texture in the game
E.G. Fruit hat but without fruits. Water jugs.
E.G Stone picks, no-textures, trade portal (can be anything.)
Unknowns can cause harm. INCINERATE THEM!

Time crystal, blockhead face, I once had a safe, somehow I placed it…

Notice me blockpie!

Immediately throw it into lava, or else it might corrupt your world.

I picked it back up and it was a normal safe…

Notice me blockpie!

Unknowns are bad and can crash your world. I have heard something about them being made when two items render at once, but you should get rid of them any way possible, like the others said.

They are glitches in the game and usually come in the form of real in-game items. They can also look like other items, like the famous blockhead unknown. They can corrupt your world, and turn other items into unknowns. I would sell them to other players - they are worth quite a lot.

Unknowns are mysterious items that corrupts your world, and you can never log on again once corrupted. EXTERMINATE IT IN LAVA, THE QUICKER THE SAFER.

They are evil.

But I like my blockheads head… and my time crystal

Notice me blockpie!

Oooh, I’ve seen those in another server! I even took a picture of it. Erased that photo, now, though. Unknowns are interesting, you can also make unknowns at a press… [emoji33]

Unknowns are harmless. That’s right, **harmless. **I have unknowns all over some worlds, where I buy and sell rapidly to get them. They do **not **cause corruption, they do **not **break your world, they are just things that are cool to look at on a shelf.

Holy butts… UNKNOWNS! It’s in a server call mad world.

Not always.

I remembered how Unknowns destroyed some servers long time ago, like BIG SERVERS. At least unknowns arent dangerous as the old super pine tree that grows super tall and corrupts worlds.