What are your favourite things to do on a server?



Tell me what you like to do on a server, whether its building, chatting or plain out survival.


I like surviving and building.


I enjoy building


I enjoy building, as well as hanging out with the regulars.


I like crafting and working on community jobs :blush:


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I love mining and collecting stone.


I like surviving, crafting, working, mining, generally anything.


Mostly hanging out with my friends if my friends don’t play it has to be pretty original and interesting to get my attention

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  • Building
  • Survival

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Both building and survival, wether its a survival server that has alot of jobs and tricks to get easy money or just a normal survival that ive become extreemly advanced on. the experience of working with people to survive and thrive is by far my favorite, Ya remove wither side (building or survival) and i get bored.