What are your "N00B" moments?


Post your mistakes and noob moments here!

I’ve had many, and will post them thoughout the thread from time to time.

Of course, we all had them? Right?

The Official The BlockHeads Forums Year Book Of 2018 (By JarlPenguin and TheFoil)

Taking off my jetpack in midair for fun and falling to my death. :dizzy_face:


Thinking that a trash chute is just a little 7 block hole…and I made one causing lag on the server. The first week of playing on multi-player…


Thinking you can make a high-quality painting one block wide…


When I first started I would try to swim the oceans when I didn’t find flax. Sometimes I would get attacked by sharks. If I survived the swim, my blockhead would be so tired that she would collapse on the shore. Sometimes scorpies would be waiting on the shore and if I arrived at night :skull_and_crossbones:️. Now I know that if I meditate a few times I will most likely receive a flax seed that I can plant. In very little time I will be able to make a boat.


To make a workbench, tap on your blockheads character’s health and spend 50TC on a workbench. xD


Get a dirt and go to the nearest portal.


Well, uhh…

I tried to kill dropbears with my bare hands…


Ooh. Quite the long list…

1: Housing
  1. Making a house out of dirt. Thankfuly not the standard nooby square, but a relative dome.

  2. Making a house out of every material I could find, a tower of materials. (dirt, wood, stone, limestone, marble, sand, black sand, glass, black glass, red marble, bricks, etc., one for each floor)

  3. Impossibly large and stylistically repetitive formations. As in, a tower of sand to space, or a massive double helix made of bricks, neither of which I really used for anything.

2. Lack of comprehension of basic functions
  1. Putting iron trapdoors on elevators, thinking it would stop unwelcome visitors.

  2. Not knowing how stairs are placed.

  3. Hardly progressing, rarely managed to exit bronze age.

  4. Not knowing why my beds burned (only one-block space from heat source).

  5. Lack of any comprehension as to what the position of Admin or even Mod meant. (that’s right! A noob that didn’t scream to be given it, albeit out of ignorance!)

  6. No clue what the forums were.

  7. Lack of any comprehension as to what the Owner Portal was (more specifically the whole ‘Server’ thing).

  8. No knowledge as to advanced crafting.

  9. Building a giant wooden scaffold across the desert to avoid scorpions.

  10. Lack of comprehension as to the purpose of compost.

  11. Lack of comprehension as to how servers worked (which I feel bad about since I thought this Hints and Tips about Multiplayer server was hacked, and disregarded the warning about killing all the dodos. The silliest of things weigh on my soul)

  12. Lack of comprehension as to how paintings worked.

  13. Lack of comprehension as to the possible evil of other players (I was, and still am, incredibly naive. :/)

Honestly, 2 could probably go on forever, but I’m tired.


Ooh! I got one! Once, after joining my 3rd or 4th multiplayer world, I spawned. I walked to the right. And walked. And walked. While walking, I passed completely protected areas, with signs saying, This is bla bla bla’s House. This is bla bla bla’s house. After walking for what felt like, 10 hours, I found out that my Blockhead was shivering in her thin singlet and short shorts, so I gave up anyways. That time, I thought, 'Such a cruel world. They don’t even think about where noobs can build their own houses! Hphm! :angry:'
The end.


Underground is mostly never used. I wished servers just at least give a ladder down to all the unprotected area below.


The best one I can liken to with something like that is Unihorse, strangely enough. It just feels like ages and ages of marble (and for some reason) neon pink houses. But, that’s probably just me.


Too many times to count I have walked off on an adventure and left my most useful benches behind.

And just think! We get to be noobs all over again when 1.7 comes out.


Building a glass house right beside spawn in a public world (got griefed within minutes)


Building a hotel with no beds…


Cutting the tree with dropbears :joy::joy::joy:


Using sticks to kill sharks to get their clothes rather than just craft them


Uh,I guess selling someone’s blockhead for a gold :joy:


making an underwater build with no kelp XD


I made many rash decisions and persevered through them when I was a massive, reckless and “cultureless” (for lack of a better word) noob, a few that stick out to me are:
When I killed a large shark with only linen clothing and a bronze sword, only surviving because the stack of corn I had
When I killed a hacker in self-defense back in the 2014 days then took their stockpile of weapons (Two dozens of Gold Bows-a big treat back then!) which angered them to the extent they had used some strange methods to extract the items from me.