What are your "N00B" moments?


I was friends with hackers until I came onto the forums and realized what they were actually doing.

I don’t even have my first bh account anymore because of them XD * facepalm *


Trying to spawn a blockhead for another player…


Cutting trees from the bottom instead of top-to-bottom.


Collecting unknowns and bragging about them to other yoctograms, as if it was the meta thing to do.


back in my early days

i was playing blockheads and my blockheads was getting hungry

so i found embers and thought it was food

i burned down my house after :frowning:


LOL. I didn’t try to eat them but I think I accidentally burned a house or a forest down with an ember. I decided then and there to trash them any time I got one. Bad stuff. Now I know when they can serve a purpose.



it’s a bear

gotta hide


it’s gonna eat me

gotta run


gotta build a shelter


i died anyways


Once saw a bear and dug a hole in the ground to hide from it… meditated for days until it died…


The time that my Blockhead died and dropped all my stuff, and it took me three more Blockheads to get that stuff back


Not really a noob moment (though she is the noobiest person here, right?) but a dropbear once FOLLOWED @djfamily from a tree all the way to her house that was a few screen swipes away.

She didn’t even exit her house. The bear just migrated over and stopped right outside her door. :bear:


Putting a campfire down beside a tree. Oh how we laughed…


Went sailing in a boat with insufficient food across an ocean which went on and on without a shoreline in sight… and the poor BH was exhausted and die of hunger…


At least that was better than me trying to swim it!


Placing buckets instead of water buckets…


Well, there was this one time in another SP long, long time ago… I did try to swim across an ocean without any provisions nor benches. Needless to say, that expedition ended in disaster too.

There were sooo many “noob” moments in my early days of Blockheads exploration.


I remember I thought the game was being hacked by the server…

The server was using the message bot. Lol.

I was such a noob back then!


One of my first multiplayer servers
I was a noob
I wanted to join the others. They said they were right of spawn
I swam the entire ocean
They weren’t immediately right of spawn’s ocean. I gave up after that

Zetta lame!


I found a cave troll for the first time and killed it and was almost ded :confused: Plus I
had just plain old tin armor and a iron sword lol


“Whoa, why is it getting lighter down here with a red glow?”

“Whoa, why am I steaming?!!!”

“Whoa, why is my health dropping!!!”

“Whoa, is that lava???”

“Whoa, I died!!!”

EDIT: Ok, for extra credit who can tell me why that never happened? (Stay on topic and only answer if you also have a noob moment to share)


A friend asked for extra flax to make clothing. Being new, I proudly supplied her with a decent amount of flax seeds, which I had run everywhere to collect, only to realize that that’s not how you make linen :joy:.