What are your "N00B" moments?


I did the same thing. The drop bear went crazy with red eyes. I posted a story about it. :smiley:


I thought I could pick up magma with a bucket…


Joined my first multiplayer and saw other players asking for protection signs so of course I asked for one too. The admin online flew over to where I was and became increasingly annoyed when I had no idea where I wanted it placed (I didn’t even have a house yet) and to top it all off, I didn’t even have the funds to pay for it! XD


Getting chased by a drop bear. I had to make an ‘emergency’ underground house until I tunnelled to my main one.


I just let the dropbear take a swipe at me, to be honest, and burned its tree down later.
And my bed, too, because…I sometimes sleep underneath pine trees.


Trying to circumnavigate without making clothes first! I froze to death near the North Pole.


I’ll venture a guess that back when you first journeyed to Lava it pre-dated version 1.5 which introduced death for the first time.

Now for my Noob moment:
I didn’t pay attention to the use of campfires at all - I thought they were only for providing light and I didn’t know you could roast dodo’s over them or create embers or torches, so I kept collecting hundreds of sticks so I could make campfires to light my way. What a shock when I realized that torches could be made with just one stick each!


Sleeping besides dropbear tree. While sleeping dropbear killing me in bed :joy::joy::joy:


Because that was before your blockhead could die. At the time death was not a thing in the game.


Skeeve and Shariu are correct. I did not die when I reached lava back in 1.1, I just got really slow. I still think I had to crawl up into a cave and try to grow a tree in some dirt because I so wounded.

This is less nooby but I used to explore the skies with ladders a lot, before jetpacks. But I would conserve my ladders by removing them as I climbed back down. But I learned the hard way that you can remove a ladder you are standing on and fall to your death. (after death was added that is.)


My very first circumnavigation…it was night, and after sailing for a while I finally reached a desert. Before I even stepped on shore—“what are these big glowing lizards and why do they hate me?”—I was dead. I then watched my little pile of items from the opposite side of the world, with my single platinum coin bobbing up and down in the water…
Weeks later I was very upset when I returned to the spot and didn’t find my things. I suspected the big glowing lizards took them.


I remember back in 2013 me and a bunch of other noobs were in this giant steel dome. Because protection signs didn’t exist yet we all attempted to break the steel and get out. Right when we were about to escape an admin caught us and banned us all.


When I to cross the ocean by swimming.


For my Ocean Lone Tour, I decided to take with me 1 flax seed, and 3 blocks of dirt, plus a couple of sticks and stone. I started from the shoreline, continued placing dirt in front of me and behind me to make a sort of manual ship. I planted flax when I was hungry and managed to survive on my last bars of hunger. I continued to do this, making shovels for a long time. I went through half a stack of shovels and consumed about 40 flaxseeds. I swam multiple times and attempted this more than 4x. It took an enduring 2 months with no results :frowning:

For those who want to know, no, I did not make it across the ocean. I starved to death. It was a bitter SP, few plants and trees. I died, and attempted the Lone Tour once more (this time with more oranges, more dirt, and more tool supplies). Still, eventually the shovel didn’t last, and punching it was too tedious. I swam in the Arctic cold, and I died from frostbite and a shark attack. I quit, and decided to continue my simple life as a dirt hut farmer. Eventually I tried to circumnavigate across the right side, and crossed oceans with a new, improved Lone Tour- the boat, which I had no idea existed for months. Turns out I actually almost made it to shore the last time I took to the ocean, and it was the end of that side of the world eventually. Fun times!


I didn’t know we could plant fruits in the dirt to grow our own trees, so I made a dirt shelter to camp around the existing trees at spawn.


Not knowing a wood work bench was not the same as a work bench. Yeah my first world days without a bed because I thought the 2 were the same.


Well,building a jetpack with crude oil ,and I gave up doing it after a year of building it…


I didn’t know about the magma at the bottom of the world. I thought a trash chute was just a really deep hole. I climbed all the way down, and I think we all know what happened.


hey bro can i finish building your wooden house

yeah sure why not

ok i promise to make it look like what you wanted it to look like

just build the house


(5 ʜᴏᴜʀꜱ ʟᴀᴛᴇʀ)

wow the house is almost finished! but he never stated where to put a fire place, hmm… i am going to put it next to the door

hey im back did you finish my hou-



dirt,wood what’s the difference :smiley:

(ɢᴇᴛꜱ ʙᴀɴɴᴇᴅ)