What are your "N00B" moments?


He is chill, just informing people.


When I just started playing the game, I found tin ore and thought it was silver, even though there isn’t silver ore!


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Well…of course I’ve had the typical campfire incident.


For a bit I didn’t know how to create torches, so I just had to keep on creating campfires for light. (I also did not know before that oil lanterns were better than torches)


Haha…noob moments…I remember them very well…too well, if I may say so…

Newbie moment no.1:
Exploring newly formed single player world without taking any food, when suddenly my blockhead starts getting damaged, and I wonder why. Before I realise it, I’m at the North/South pole and the blockhead’s freezing his butt off, and before I can save him, he breathes his last.

Newbie moment no.2:
Trying to make a large pool with blocks of ice somewhere between the equator and north pole. I dig a tunnel through the ice pool for my blockhead to sleep, and place a campfire for warmth (as I didn’t have a fur coat). Taps other blockhead to do something for a bit. Sadly, the next time I check on first blockhead, he is peacefully drowning inside a large pool of water, while my brain explodes trying to process what happened. Hahaha…haha…ha…

Newbie moment no.3:
First time exploring a large ocean using a boat, and I go along for about 5 minutes without finding any signs of life. Suddenly hits a block of ice, which I saw for the first time in my life, and leaves boat (as a dropped item) and runs away, thinking the ice is some sort of glitch. Haha…

Newbie moment no.4:
It’s getting dark, so I place a campfire next to my wooden bed, which is right under a pine tree. Goes to check another blockhead, and returns to the first blockhead only to find that all hell has broken loose, I’m being attacked by 2 dropbears, my bed is nowhere to be seen, and the pine tree is burning away to glory. I had a nice long laugh about that. After my blockhead died and I lost all my items, that is.


Getting over 2 stacks of food and trying to SWIM across an ocean that was over 5 screen swipes long…It was also shark infested… It took me over 3 real life days to finish…


Don’t feed the sharks or attack them.


Putting “no stealing” signs all over my house as if people could join my SP world.


Lol! When shops were released, I made some and put items in them and I thought NPCs would join and buy from them. :joy:


LOL, I’ve made shops in my Single Player World for nothing. I was hoping you could migrate Single Player to multiplayer. No comment. ;-;


:lol: All of those are so me. I even put protection signs around my SP house to stop those infernal nonexistent griefers.


lol, there is several noob stories I have, but I can’t remember them right now… but the funny thing is, I thought drop bears were gorillas, I thought scorpions were alligators, and dodos… I believe I thought those were chickens or something like that, I also had no idea what an “admin” was and when I made my very very first server, and when people would join and ask for admin, I thought they wanted me to call the adam. Then they would get mad at me for not making them admin and leave lol.

(P.S. @Brer-Rabbit that’s how I invented “adom” LOL)


“cani b adom plz”

One noob moment of mine was making no rules for my oldest server… Disaster lol.


Thinking I can feed scorpos :skull_and_crossbones:

  1. I walked into a scorpion desert straight with no clothes, protection, or experience.


  1. I made a dirt house. Ugly!

  2. I ate too many chilies, hehe… I died, if you didn’t guess. I tried eating more chilies to regain health. Quartz ees smart!1!!1!1!!!1!1!111111!1!1!1


Can I see a picture? lol


Maybe that person (he/she) was referring to the other meaning/usage of trap (with respect to anime and manga), but it’s highly unlikely.

On a side note:
Nobody can beat me at making traps.


My noob moments tend to shine through all at once. My favorite:

Part a: I discovered lava for the first time. Naturally, I completely ignored common sense and decided to try to swim in it.

Part b: When swimming failed, I crawled all the way up my twisty hole to my lone metalwork bench to make a bucket. I then crawled all the way back and tried to pick it up in a bucket.

Part c: And this is where the real noob is revealed in all his glory: I tried to pick up the lava with the bucket for minutes. This was a time before death was introduced, (Yes, I have been around that long) and I was well aware of this. However, instead of letting my blockhead keep his low health, I fed him to heal him. I used at least 4 stacks of corn while I was trying to scoop up the lava, and when my corn ran out, I started to use chilies.
I think you can connect the dots on how that turned out. :joy:


Glowing derpy!
I once died by eating too many chilies and drinking coffee at the same time.