What can you do with dodo eggs?


What can you do with the different types of dodo eggs?
I have like copper, tin, gravel and stone egg.
Do i just collect them or let them hatch?


Whatever you want, really. A nice possibility is getting the eggstractor which allows you to refine the eggs into resources.

If you want better and better stuff, keep collecting and hatching.


Dodos are another way your blockhead can gather resources.
For example, you may need lapis lazuli blocks to make columns to upgrade a workbench on expert survival, if you havn’t found any while mining for resources, you could breed dodo’s in order to get the resource. I’ve bred one of each dodo and kept at least two or more eggs in a cabinet for a display. Right now I have titanium dodos out, waiting for them to lay platinum eggs. The egg extractor helps a lot. :slight_smile:
Original lays wood, dirt, Stone, Wood won’t lay anything besides wood and originals, dirt dodos will lay compost, flint and clay, flint dodos will lay coal, coal dodos will lay oil, oil dodos will lay fuel, so you get the drift.


You can place a lot of them to produce lag and crash the game


Not really a limit has been set on the number of dodos a world can have at one time. If the number of dodos has reached that limit no more eggs will hatch. It does get a little laggy if you keep a lot of dodos, so it is recommended that you cage all but the tier you are currently working on. If everyone has all their dodos out than nobody will make any progress.


True but I think if you tame them then log off and someone else reach the limit with theirs, you can get over the limit when you log back on.


They can be used as decorations,