What did you think/do when you first played The Blockheads?


For me, I didn’t know you could plant trees, or get sticks by destroying leaves. What about you? Don’t be afraid. We all do this sometimes.


"That was a neat floating text box. I’ll just go and build something out of dirt now."


I didn’t even know what an Ember did.

I burned my house down.


The first thing I remember doing was climbing into a tree…

I didn’t know sleeping was a thing, so I spent a looong time mining a base underground. Without a pickaxe, I may add.


I spawned near an ocean and I‘ve tried multiple times to swim through it (I was to stubborn to just give up and I couldn‘t imagine there were such things as boats :joy:) Also the beginning of my bitter feud with sharks in BH :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried to hit and kill fish. Without boats nor a fishing rod. I got pwned by sharks.


So after some time on single player, I went onto a server. I found out about trade portals and thought it was an easy way to get free items.

But when I crafted it on my single player, I learn that free trade portals are custom only…


Welp I uh I can barely remember it was so long ago I think the first thing I did was chop down a tree and spent all my tc on a craft bench then actually played the tutorial.


I looked the portal and saw everything like “ wow i wanna find a golden clock “


Made some holes, and that stuff.


looking up “how 2 maek hacked trade protal” several times. not proud of myself, but i was stupid enough to never actually figure out how to make one


I remember my first time on a server, it was called mystic town if I’m correct.

Those many years ago, I enjoyed the server, and I went on a great adventure outwards. Unfortunately, my adventure was halted when I got stuck at low health between like 4 drop bears at night, I sent out an SOS in chat, since I assumed I was essentially doomed, and the owner of the world had to come and get me.

Overall, pretty dumb.

My dumbest thing was getting super mad about a workbench because I didn’t understand you could get one with dirt, and I thought it was too much TC. That was genuinely stupid.


I remember when I was retreating back to my- I think it was a 3X3 tall home, I putted trap doors down in front of my door thinking that the dropbears would fall in .—.


I actually still have my first ever single player world. I remember when I was first starting out I’d always start to go on an adventure and forget that my blockheads need food so I wouldnt bring any. I’d either have to teleport back or keep going until I found some … not fun times lol I also played on single player for years until i realized there was multiplayer.


“Yeah, I can travel over this freezing mountain”

except I wasn’t even advanced enough to hold more than one basket


“Ah what’s this kind of tree? Ooh it has gems, I’ll try to grow one”
-Obito 2000 and something.


I’m so glad there’s the wiki now…I was so lost…I just got thru breeding blue, green, yellow donkey’s


I didn’t know you could make torches so I just had campfires everywhere :joy:


I accidentally skipped the tutorial, so I didn’t even bother, let alone know how to make a workbench. I spent a good two hours aimlessly exploring before freezing to death on a mountain peek. :sweat_smile:


I went to server because it’s more fun with people. I was introduced to PVP before the actual concept of the game. They honored me just because I was a newbie. I was given ice armor, a nice iron sword and a lot of gold. Those were the good old days you know?